Goal Ball Frames

Custom Goal Ball Frames

Custom Goal Ball Frames - Evergreen Machine Works - Portland OR
Goalball was devised in 1946 in an effort to rehabilitate visually impaired veterans who returned from World War II. In 1976, it was then introduced to the world at the Paralympic Games in Toronto.

The sport, exclusively for athletes with visual impairments, consists of two halves of 12 minutes each and athletes wear blackout masks on a playing court. Two teams oppose each other on the court and attempt to move a ball into the opposing teams goal.

At Evergreen Machine we manufacture custom goal ball frames for indoor and outdoor use.

  • Made with high quality durable aluminum tubes.
  • Easily collapsed for storage and transportation.

  • Set up and break down is a breeze with our push button connectors.
  • Lightweight for easy handling and storage.