Steel Bollard Posts

Custom Manufactured Bollard Posts – Portland OR

All of Evergreen Machine Works steel bollard posts are extremely durable and designed for a long Cost-Effective life. Our stationary and removable bollard posts are 4″ in diameter and constructed in steel. 5, 6, 7, and 8 foot are standard heights; custom bollards are also available.

We can get you custom solutions that fit your individual needs, along with many “off the shelf” safety related items that can ship immediately upon request.

Evergreen Machine Works steel bollards installed in front of convenience store

A local convenience store that had experienced several smash and grab style robberies. The crooks would use a stolen vehicle to drive right through the convenience store’s front door, grab what they wanted, and drive back out and away. This happened so many times that their insurance company asked for a better solution. Evergreen Machine Works, designed a Barricade style Bollard to block the whole door area.

  • Weather Resistant
  • Durable Powder Coat Finish

  • Security Lock
  • Removable

Steel Bollard Posts - Evergreen Machine Works - Portland ORSecure Bollard Protection

Concrete reinforced steel-pipe bollards deliver cost effective protection against vehicle collisions in locations where vehicular traffic may endanger the safety of pedestrians, buildings or other sensitive areas.

Pedestrian Safety Bollards

Steel-pipe bollards are regularly used near building entrances, in parking lots and at crosswalks to create pedestrian safe zones. They allow free passage for people on foot while making an impassable barrier for vehicles.

Steel Bollards for Building Protection

Steel-pipe bollards offer protection for buildings and other structures such as landscaped areas. Vehicular collisions into buildings and other structures often cause costly damage and injury. Security bollards safeguard building exteriors—and other high-risk areas.

Steel Pipe Bollard Perimeter Security

Security bollards can help guard against prevent smash-and-grab type burglaries where vehicles are used to crash through storefronts or entrances to gain entry. Steel security bollards also offer enhanced protection at perimeter fencing or gaps in traditional fences.

Steel-pipe bollard Post Installation

Our bollard posts are custom manufactured to meet your installation requirments.  We regularly manufacture bollard posts for embedment in new or existing concrete, flush mount on top of existing concrete and convenient removeable (lockable) steel bollard posts where protection and access are both required.