Sod Cutters

Custom Manual Sod Cutters

Sod Cutters - Serrated Steel Sod Cutters - Portland OR

Removes sod for installation of sidewalks, building projects, swimming pools, gardens, and patios.

Serrated Steel Sod Cutter

Machine serrated steel blade. Strong, sharp, durable, and sure to cut through any weeds or roots you come across.

Manual Sod Cutter - Evergreen Machine - Portland OR

Light Weight Manual Sod Cutter

Ligth Weight Manual Sod Cutter - Evergreen Machine - Portland OR

High quality 72″ wooden handle, which can be modified to suit your needs. Light weight and easy to use, no back pain from bending over constantly. Blade is painted black

Multi-Purpose Sod Cutting Tool

This is a Multi-purpose tool; removing sod, edging, cleaning hard to reach areas such as the crevices of your deck.

Esy to use manual sod cutter - evergreen machine - portland or