Powder Coating

Steel Powder Coating – Portland OR

Powder coating is a dry finishing process that uses finely ground powders of pigment and resin to coat the surface. Steel powder coating uses electrostatically charged particles which adhere to the metal surface and are then melted and fused together in the curing process by baking at 400 degrees Fahrenheit in a special industrial sized oven. The result is a beautiful glossy finish that is very resistant to chemicals, wear & chipping and is 3 times stronger than solvent based paints.

We use Polyester and Polyurethane types of powder. Both Polyester and Polyurethane are recommended for interior and exterior applications and feature excellent weather and ultra-violet light resistance. Powder coating is the right choice for today’s advanced engineering products. It is enviromentally-compliant, production efficient, and capable of satisfying the most exacting performance and application requirements.

Powder coating simply provides a quality finish that can be seen and felt for years.

Our stock powder coating finishes come as Medium Bronze, Charcoal, Flint or Black

Steel Powder Coating Color Options - Evergreen Machine - Portland OR

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Top reasons to use steel powder coating

  1. Highly chip and scratch resistant.
  2. Excellent chemical, petroleum and salt resistant.
  3. The ability to apply a thick even coat without drips or sags.
  4. Excellent fade resistance to ultraviolet light.
  5. Encapsulate products, wrap around corners and eliminate sharp edges.
  6. Extremely strong weather resistance – can resist abuse in low and high temperature variances.
  7. Beautiful glossy finish.

Performance Characteristics
Epoxy Hybrid Polyurethane Polyester
Hardness Excellent Very Good Fair Good
Flexibility Excellent Excellent Excellent Excellent
Over-bake Stability Fair Good Very Good Excellent
Exterior Stability Poor Poor Excellent Excellent
Corrosion Protection Excellent Very Good Very Good Good